I have set up EventSub to receive an online logout, but the notification does not come

Hello! I am testing twitch integration with n8n integration. In my script, I prescribed the receipt of the application token and sent the following request to https://api.twitch.tv/helix/eventsub/subscriptions

I even got an answer to my webhook! But when I started the broadcast online, nothing came to the webhook. Can you tell me why this is so?

I’m just learning the twitch api, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

In your screenshot it shows the status as verification pending, so please use the Get EventSub Subscriptions endpoint and ensure that the subscription is enabled, and not either still pending verification or failed.

Until an EventSub subscription has passed verification by your callback returning the challenge (and it needs to be just the challenge and a 200 status code, nothing else). and the status changes to enabled, you wont receive events for your stream going online.

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Good afternoon! I have checked all my subscriptions, they all have the failed status. Although my webhook returns the status 200 immediately. I also tested that my webhook returned the data that came to it and indicated authorization via bearer token + client id in the headers.

Do you also return the challenge sent in the verification request? Ensure that it is JUST the challenge being returned in the response body, no JSON or quotes around the challenge or anything like that.

You should also consider using a tool such as the twitch-cli to test your callback - twitch-cli/event.md at main · twitchdev/twitch-cli · GitHub

And SSL Labs to test your SSL configuration - SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

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