I need a help whis my chatbot(python)

from twitchAPI.helper import first
from twitchAPI.twitch import Twitch
from twitchAPI.oauth import UserAuthenticationStorageHelper
from twitchAPI.object.eventsub import ChannelFollowEvent
from twitchAPI.eventsub.websocket import EventSubWebsocket
from twitchAPI.type import AuthScope
import asyncio

APP_ID = ''

async def on_follow(data: ChannelFollowEvent):
    # наше событие состоялось, давайте что-то делать с полученными данными!
    print(f'{data.event.user_name} now follows {data.event.broadcaster_user_name}!')

async def run():
    twitch = await Twitch(APP_ID, APP_SECRET)
    helper = UserAuthenticationStorageHelper(twitch, TARGET_SCOPES)
    await helper.bind()

    user = await first(twitch.get_users())

    eventsub = EventSubWebsocket(twitch)

    await eventsub.listen_channel_follow_v2('', '', on_follow)

        input('press Enter to shut down...')
    except KeyboardInterrupt:
        # stopping both eventsub as well as gracefully closing the connection to the API
        await eventsub.stop()
        await twitch.close()


I have this code and I always get an error “twitchAPI.type.EventSubSubscriptionError: subscription missing proper authorization”
I took this code from the official documentation

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