I need help doing a dynamic with the chat

Hi, Needed help or its recommendation with something, there is some way to be able to make people choose between 2 options (1/2 or A/B) and those who choose wrong are being left out of the game. those who choose wrong that they can not vote for the next one or maybe a timeout…? I really appreciate any suggestions or help! :slight_smile:

Sure code a bot accordingly to meet your requirements

Twitch Chat is documented here: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/irc

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is it possible that the same streamer or mod chooses the correct answer, either (A or B) and that those who are wrong cannot participate in the next question or give them timeout? ;ooo

Sure you can do whatever you want with your program

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I still can’t :frowning: any advice? please and forgive me for disturbing :confused:

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