I need help with auth permanent

Hello guys, I’ve been with difficult to development a Bot to get Ban info, cuz my auth always expire and i dont know how to find ou create a auth token permanently, someone can help me pls?

I’m developing the bot in NodeJS.

Tokens are not forever

Assuming you used the code flow to generate a token.

You will have got a user access token and a refresh token.

So you then use the refresh token to get a new access and refresh token. And away you go

Code flow: Getting OAuth Access Tokens | Twitch Developers
Refresh Flow: Refreshing Access Tokens | Twitch Developers


I am confused by this.

If I get a token from Twitch Chat Password Generator and then validate it, it shows that it never expires. I can adjust the scopes on the request URL and indeed the token does work for what its authorized for, but it is clearly tied to their Client ID q6batx0epp608isickayubi39itsckt.

A request like this will give me a token that only has the ability to write to chat:


The validation result shows:

  "client_id": "q6batx0epp608isickayubi39itsckt",
  "login": "WhateverLogin",
  "scopes": [
  "user_id": "WhateverUserID",
  "expires_in": 0

When I go through the developer console and setup my own application, any token I generate does have an expiration time regardless of any of the options selected in the Manage Application Console.

Legacy/older client ID’s have forever tokens but this will change at some point

So the documenation is correct regardless of what legacy/older ClientID’s do

There is also an argument to not be using someone elses clientID or generator as it could die/get removed at any point as well

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I you want your authentication token remains valid indefinitely for your Twitch bot developed in NodeJS, you’ll need to implement a system for refreshing the token before it expires. Twitch provides a method called “refresh token” for this purpose.

When you initially authenticate your bot, you’ll receive both an access token and a refresh token and you can use the refresh token to obtain a new access token without requiring the user to re-authenticate, so, by this you can maintain continuous access to Twitch APIs without interruptions due to expired tokens. Ensure to securely store and manage these tokens in your application to maintain security.

Only if you use code flow as outlined in my original reply