I need live stream announcement on discord with node.js

i can send this notification via streamlabs chatbot


Covers how to receieve real time stream up/down notfications


If you can’t be web accessable

i need codes

Then you need to decide how you want to do it in Discord

Do you want to use Discord Webhooks? Or a Discord Bot.

Then you need to decide if you want to use Twitch Webhooks, or Twitch long polling

Then you need to decide which language you want to program it in.

Then you need to decide if you are putting this on hosting or something else? As that’ll dictate if you can use Twitch Webhooks or not.

I can’t just “give you codes”, but I can link you to the relevant documentation

I don’t want to do it with webhook, I want to make a live twitch announcement the post channel via discord. I want to use node.js

Then you need to use this

And create a loop that will then send the announce when the state changes from not live to live.

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