I received an empty video list for while adding specific game_id

What do I want?
I want to receive a list of videos by the categories. Feel free to check categories and video documentation.

The bug description.
I can`t receive a list of videos for some specific game_id param. Please feel free to check my video game_id_bug.mov - Google Drive

Steps to reproduce

  1. Check that API returns video items https://api.twitch.tv/helix/videos?game_id=7802&game_id=17988&game_id=74300&game_id=489294&game_id=492612&game_id=498566&game_id=504880&game_id=12988583&game_id=144106220&game_id=269774996&game_id=290961240&sort=views&type=highlight&first=100
  2. Make sure that {
    “data”: [ has a video items ],
    “pagination”: {“some value”}
  3. add one more game_id=627823064 to the previous request
    Actual result
    The data doesn`t contain previous items. It becomes empty “data”: .
    “data”: ,
    “pagination”: {}
    Expected result
    The API response will be extended with items from the category by game_id=627823064

Could someone help me? Why does the API response become empty while adding game_id=627823064 or similar?

A fix is outlined in

Thanks for your reply. I have checked with

 'accept-language': 'YOUWHAT'

as you suggested. Unfortunately, I faced with the same issue. Please take a look at a video

Here is my request

Oh you tried to specfiy multiple game ID’s

And the last game ID won

twitch api get 'videos?game_id=504880&type=highlight&sort=views'
  "data": [],
  "pagination": {}

This API (Get Videos) does not support declaring multiple game_id in the same call, to get videos for multiple games will require one API call per game_id

Thanks. I will use a single request for individual game_id

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