I want an User Access Token, but invalid csrf token :(

I’m creating an ASP.NET application that uses twitchlib and httpRequests.

I wanted to get all the VIP’s of my own channel by using https://api.twitch.tv/helix/channels/vips endpoint. But it seems I need an User Access Token instead of Access Token. I was trying to get through C# but it is not working.

For this topic purpose, I replicated the http request in POSTMAN and this is What I get:

If I paste the link on Microsoft Edge, I get this result:

But 1 of the parameters is {“force_verify”:“true”} so it shouldn’t ask me for authorization.

What am I missing?

PD: The URL Redirect field of my application is already set to http://localhost:3000

Force verify true, will force the dialog to be visible.

This URL is the URL you redirect the user to, it’s not a URL you fetch in code (or Postman).
You open a brower and send the user to this URL to accept/decline access between the clientID and hte user.

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