I want to make a single user followage command?

Hi, i need help and I’d appreciate any answers, even if it’s just a “this can’t be done.” I’ve spoken to multiple people and frustratingly no one seems able to help.

So, i want to make a custom !Ops command to honor my oldest follower of 7 years. I would like it to respond with "!ops is my biggest fan! They’ve been following me for {7 years, 5 months, 4 days} ".

Unfortunately i haven’t found a way to do this because the API pulls automatically from the person entering it. Help?


Creating a custom !Ops command to honor your oldest follower is a thoughtful idea. However, the Twitch API doesn’t support fetching follow age for users other than the authenticated user. You can manually find your oldest follower and update the command with their follow age. It’s not automated, but it’s a sincere way to recognize their support!

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

This is incorrect.

You should be using a moderator of the channel or a broadcasters token. And you are using the wrong endpoint it seems

Likely here the token of your channel bot or your own is what you need then use that token against Get Channel Followers

But your code would have to iterate all followers to find the oldest using the followed_at to compare. Which you’d do peridocially not each time you call the command. (as it will take time to iterate all pages and you don’t want the command to be slow)

So you need caching, or to just update it manually.