I want to take the names of the users who wrote !text in the chat channel.

Is there an example for this ? or where should I look in the documentation? I couldn’t find anything. I’d appreciate it if you could guide me.

Parse in the incoming text as a standard IRC line and read out the user from the host segment of the string.

If you are using a IRC library or Twitch Specific library this will do it for you.

This is an example (where the command and tags capabilities have been enabled)

@badge-info=subscriber/66;badges=moderator/1,subscriber/60,twitchconNA2019/1;color=#033700;display-name=BarryCarlyon;emotes=163128:0-9;flags=;id=3f41509d-52f9-40be-91b9-0d6885120b2a;mod=1;room-id=26610234;subscriber=1;tmi-sent-ts=1563012700159;turbo=0;user-id=15185913;user-type=mod :barrycarlyon!barrycarlyon@barrycarlyon.tmi.twitch.tv PRIVMSG #cohhcarnage :bikeWepuns test

So you just need to tokenise that and parse the host section of the message.

It’s not specifically covered in the Documentation as it’s basic/standard IRC

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