I would like to know if the helix API has been discontinued in Korea.

I would like to know if the helix API has been discontinued in Korea.

By requesting “https://api.twitch.tv/helix/videos?id=2021137809”, video information was obtained and listed.

But when I checked this function today,

“data”: ,
“pagination”: {}

As shown above, only empty data could be received in response.

However, when I requested it through a US VPN, I was able to receive the data without issue.

The request is being made in the Korean region, and I would like to know if the provision of the above API has been discontinued in connection with the withdrawal of Twitch services from Korea.

There are no announced changes beyond what is in this post


Twitch doesn’t withdraw until last feb if I recal; the timetime correctly.

So if you cannot load this video that would be for other reasons.
Perhaps down to the fact that VODs were disabled for Korea ages ago but I don’t know if that affects the API (it shouldn’t to my knowledge)

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