Idea for Streamers to Block Unwanted Bots

Have a section of the Creator Dashboard be a username/account whitelist and/or a 512 character string or GUID generator that a bot must provide to the login handshaking process or it doesn’t connect to the channel. And of course a feature master switch to turn it on or off.

How difficult would this be to Implement?

So random, malicious and unwanted bots cannot connect to the channel without the Streamers approval.

Bots are the same as regular users in terms of connection to chat, so what you’re suggesting would also block every single user who goes to your channel unless they are also on that allow list, or know the string to enter.

If you don’t like a bot in your channel, ban them and move on.

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99% of the time I would agree. And I was afraid of that scenario, no distinction between the two. What about when someone follow bot floods your chat/stream with 100+ accounts? Not even Slow-Mode will impead that.

Twitch has a guide on how to handle follow bots.

If you just ignore them then they should cause no disruption to your stream, and Twitch will handle them in time.

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