IFrame Authentication Fail

I’m creating a website for my friend, but chat embed doesn’t work, the recieving messages work, but I can’t sign into the chat, I put in my username and password -> it says “Oops! We encountered an unexpected error logging you in. Please try again.” -> i login again, and it redirects me to the main twitch site and says “Oops! We encountered an unexpected error logging you in. Please try again.” again, then I sign in again and it works, but when I go back to my website I’m not signed in. This repeats indefinitely.

<iframe id="chat" src="https://twitch.tv/mcgamesdotnet/chat" style="overflow: hidden; height: 75%; width: 29%; position: absolute; float: right; right: 5px;"> <p>Failed to load chat from twitch.tv</p> </iframe>

is my html code.

What browser are you getting this error in?


edit: its working in chrome… hmmm

I can’t reproduce this in Firefox 45.2.0 on OS X. Which version and OS?

Firefox version 47.0 OS Windows 7

EDIT: link to my site: http://www.mcgamesdot.net if you want the envoronment i’m reproducing it in

I got it working in 3 different Firefox versions on both Windows 10 and Ubuntu.

I just used your site and was able to login. Which login are you using? When you click chat?


i think its just my browser, it’s working for lots of others, /closed

I often have this problem with Edge when trying to authorize 3rd party apps like moobot or cbenni’s logviewer. If I’m not logged in, it gives me the unknown error. If I am, I don’t remember how it fails, but it does. It seems browser-specific, but it doesn’t make much sense.

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