Iframe player on website

So I got an iframe player on my website and it works fine. My problem tho is that I want to run a script on the website which sends a command in the embadded chat. Website script -> send Hello world in the twitch chat on the website for example

There isn’t a supported way to do this with the iframe embed. The only way would be through connecting to the IRC server and sending a message that way. We have some docs here: https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/IRC.md

that sux kinda. My whole plan got destroyed. Last time I tried to connect via IRC i had some problems, is there anywhere a rly simple guide on how I can do a command line on my website that let my bot send a command line in chat via IRC connection on my website=?

I simply need a code snippet about ->
Website code ( if xy) Do connection to IRC and send hello world to chat room

There isn’t anything official from Twitch. There is one community resource (a JavaScript framework) that looks like it could meet your needs: https://tmijs.org/ You could give that a go, but you will have to talk to the author for any help or support.

I went with an IRC solution even if I dont like it ^^

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