Iframe set quality in url (and controls)?

I apologies if this post is not in the correct category.

Hello, I’m wondering how I can set the quality in the url and maybe control/ui visibility?
I’ve tried:

And is it possible to set the controls/Ui visibility like maybe “controls=false” or “ui=false”?

I’m using embedded stream in a small div and would like for the controls to not cover the whole iframe.

All things embed are covered here


doesn’t support much without writing JS to control the player


Doesn’t let you do much either, without writing JS to control the player

So the short answer really is:

No you can’t hide the controls, as then the user won’t be able to control the video
Quality you can set with JS, but of course you have to check what qualities are valid first

Ah oke, I understand.

I did managed to hide the UI/controls with “&!controls” in the url.

Ps, The livestream is only showed when hovering over an element and disappears when leaving the hovering area and the stream is muted, so it’s not intrusive.

So you also stop playing on hover end?

Or leaving it play in a hidden element? (Which is intrusive thru wasting bandwidth etc)

Either way doesn’t matter too much. As you’ve achieved what you wanted to do

It unmounts and stops playing completely.
Yes, true.

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