" Iftt "is this an official twitch program?

Is iftt an official twitch platform?
Is this a voilation in the tos if your a Affiliate or partner?

Is thsre a widget in the works to post on personal websites and or facebook to bring people to twitch and monatise new viewers?

Is what?

The only IFTTT I know of is https://ifttt.com/ but you said iftt

Not sure what you are after, but I’m not working on anything in this area currently.

A lot of streamers use the auto post to Twitter on go live and then the Twitter to Facebook link to post there…

Yes. Ifttt (it keeps auto corecting into ifftt for some reason) it said it auto post to facebook when you ho live with video.
I was unsure if it is an official twitch endorced app. Or not. I dont want to viloate any of the twitch tos.

Part two is the question was- is there some sort of official twitch widget to place on a website. Or other social sites like facebook. That is a video player/twitch pop out. If not thats somthing twitch should look into to drive NEW trafic into twitch and montitise more people to join

IFTTT belongs to IFTTT.

Twitch did promote the integration for a bit. But no IFTTT doesn’t break TOS.

Embedding Twitch | Twitch Developers covers that