Ignore user not working

Starts happening with me recently, doesnt matter what account, or what channel, after ignore user, i still see his messages

on the left side batmancave, on the right - kutubot

typed /ignore batmancave

you can see confirmation that user ignored in popup window

and still see his message

refresh page after ignore doesnt help
type username in lower case or as i see his username in chat doesnt help either

Ignore don’t apply to chat messages when you are a moderator in the channel. That way if you ignore a user to block whispers it doesn’t hinder your ability to moderate a channel that user might be in.

its kinda strange, i just dont wanna see some bots messages (moobot, nightbot), i dont need to moderate their messages

but thx for answer

The change was put into place when people had concerns over users pming mods to get them to ignore them, then spamming the channel after the mods ignore them.

Bots do fall outside the spectrum, but perhaps it’s time to start investigating whisper commands?

You can install BTTV (Better Twitch TV) which is a browser addon. Next, you can black list words so you won’t see them. I think if you set moobot and nightbot for example it should work. I am not aware if BTTV only looks at the message but username as well, but it’s worth a shot.

i wrote a little script for tampermonkey already, but thx anyway

Yeah… Just had a bad morning and went to ignore a mod for a bit. It is idiotic of twitch and it’s developers to have removed the ignore functionality in this regard. I should be able to ignore anyone and everyone at any time if they are disrupting my enjoyment of this website. I am a moderator. I want to ignore other moderators. Why can I not ignore people? I do not need to ignore the people who whisper me, because I ban them from the channel. You’re trying to circumvent common sense and it is fucking stupid. Sorry.

Download BTTV. In the blacklist field type (username) with parenthesis.

As a side note. It is utterly fucking hilarious that the BTTV plugin and it’s team outpaces Twitch. Hahaha! Really.

You cannot “ban” people from whispers. That’s what ignoring is for. So if you ignore someone for being nasty to you in whispers, you can still moderate their channel messages.

This is cause twitch let it be so - if everything were blocked by twitch by default, you wont have a choice. But now you have.

It is my opinion that if you are ignoring the channel bot(s) or it’s moderators you are doing a bad job as a moderator. As how can you check that everything related to the channel is working and ignoring other mods means moderators can repeat themselves…

And you want to ban people from the channel who whisper you when a whisper is basically a PM and has no channel context… Sure there are cases but this sounds blankety


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