I'm Currently Stuck in the Rig

I’m about to make our extension able to run on mobile, and right now i’m using the link to an online version to work off since the update.

I set the version to accept mobile and set it to video overlay html out of pure curiosity of how it would break - it did indeed break.

I took the mobile capability off the version but I can’t get to the rig to fetch the version… So i decided to just do a clean sweep. Get a fresh rig to work off. It’s still fetching that version…

So I’m essentially stuck looking at an error screen I’m unsure how to solve. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, and let my curiosity be a warning :joy:

You might need to refresh your extensions settings/configuration after changing it twitch side.


In chrome hit f12 (inspector) go to applications (tab) and then from there you should be able to clear “local storage”

That’ll reset the board as it were

After updating your extension on dev.twitch.tv, have you tried clicking the “Refresh Manifest” button in the “Project Overview” tab of the Developer Rig?

Sorry never updated this. I got out of it by deleting my local storage. But if i click on mobile without having a dimension selected i get back to this impassable error screen, where i seemingly have to delete my local storage to get past it.

I believe that was addressed in pull request #202.