I'm having problems with the updating Twitch App

Hey! I’ve been having problems with the Twitch App lately. When I try to use it,It automatically updates,like always but it shows a message.

I have no idea why it says the message,but when I try to download it again,it says the same exact message. I’m sure my laptop isn’t corrupt,and I need the Twitch App to run Minecraft FTB Packs and such.
Please send help,thank you! :slight_smile:
(FYI,I’m deeply sorry if this is in the wrong category,or even the wrong website! I’m new to forums and such,so please, if this is in the wrong category or website,just tell me where to put it and I’ll repost the topic where it should be).
(Oh, and I use MacOS If you didn’t notice.)

Hey, @Fahdi_MC!

I would recommend going through support at https://help.twitch.tv. This forum is for third party developer support, so there isn’t much we can do here to help. Sorry about that!


Thanks for responding!

Sadly,I did not find anything that could help me.

Did you file a ticket with our support team there?

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