I'm not live, Twitch keeps saying I am randomly all day everyday

I submitted a support ticket for this with no response Dec 23, 2019, 6:56 PM case number: 03110822
My viewers are getting pissed off and I’m tired of the notifications when I’m not live saying I am.

Another issue I’ve been having is watch count being incorrect. It often says 0 to 2 when there are 3 active chatters and two lurkers.

I submitted a ticket for that and was told that they only handle account related issues. But I’ve been working hard and I feel like the system is not recognizing that I have more than two friends of mine trying to help me gain affiliation.

Please advise and help. I use Open Broadcaster Software and Streamlabs multi-streaming. I want to someday become Twitch partnered. But I need my stream to work properly.

Thank you,
Ariel M. Ortiz aka GTurbo

If you have an active support ticket then you’re just going to have to wait for them to give a response. It’s the holidays so response times are going to be increased for non-critical issues like this.

The best thing you can do while you wait is to reset your stream key so if for some reason you’ve leaked it to someone else, or a program or app is running using it, this will not stop it if it’s already running a stream but will stop it from starting a new one if there is something out there trying to initiate a stream.

As for the viewer count being incorrect, how many chatters you have is completely irrelevant to viewer numbers. There are many bots that join all channels that are currently live, boosting your chatters count but as they’re not bots they obviously wont count as a viewer. There are also other systems in place to reduce viewers being counted if they’re not actively a viewer. There’s nothing you can do about this.

This is a forum for 3rd party Twitch developers, so your best option for support is to just wait for a response to your support ticket, and don’t attempt to create additional ones or it’ll just put you to the back of the support queue.

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Thank you, doing as you advised.

Would you happen to know how to change the iframe of the embedded channel to resize itself to the browser viewing?

Example. Look at https://gturbo.club on mobile you have a scrolling thing, on desktop it looks fine depending on your browser window size.

I’m using GoDaddy.com and this is my first time doing a website.

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