IMPORTANT: Communities API Changes

We’re deploying an update to the Communities APIs to have OAuth scopes rather than the current, loosely-defined OAuth scopes. In that, we’re removing the create endpoint as well. We will be producing new documentation ASAP. Here are the changes:

  • Adding new OAuth scopes: communities_edit communities_moderate
  • Remove Create a Community endpoint.
  • Update Community now requires the communities_edit scope.
  • Get Community Banned Users requires the communities_moderate scope.
  • Ban/Un-ban Community User now requires the communities_moderate scope.
  • Create/Delete Community Avatar/Cover Image now requires the communities_edit scope.
  • Get/Add/Delete Community Moderator now requires communities_edit scope.
  • Get/Add/Delete Community Timed-Out Users now requires the communities_moderate scope.
  • Set/Delete Channel Community now requires the channel_editor scope.

Let me know if you have questions! Sorry for the change inside of the same version. :frowning2: We’re trying to minimize this as much as possible, but we thought this was a necessary change.


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So I would have to request the oAuth from the person who created the Community?

As in for each scope, whom do I need to get auths from.

Good question, @BarryCarlyon. An application can get the _moderate scope for any moderators inside a community. The _edit scope is for the community owner only.

Just for clarification, Get bans will also require communities_moderate? Also, Get Community Moderators doesn’t seem to require the communities_edit scope you mentioned, I’m able to get a mod list without including any token so what’s the intended behaviour?

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Good catch on bans, @Dist. It will require the scope.

As for the non-requirement now, it’s because it hasn’t made its way to production yet. :slight_smile:

Updated docs are here:

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Is the documentation for set/delete a community still being written? I don’t seem to see it.

Setting/deleting channel from community is under the Channels endpoint

Ah, I thought he meant they finally added a way to deleted a community.

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