Improve activation flow for extensions

The activation flow for extensions is a bit messy in my opinion.
One of the key point to have a user trying a new tool is to have it easy to install. Right now if a streamer wants to install, configure and activate a new extension he needs to go to the extension store, install it, configure it (if needed) and then go to his extension manager, find the extension in his installed extension list and then activate it.

The segment where the user has to leave the configuration to go the extension manager and find the extension again is not a great flow and makes it harder to adopt new extensions since it’s not simple to change.

It would great to a way to quickly activate the extension from the store and from the configuration.

For example, on the extension store, replacing the grayed “installed” button with an “activate” button or on the pop up confirming that the extension has been installed.
And on the configuration page, having an “activate” button on top of the configuration page would be a great way to quickly tell streamer that they can activate the extensions.