Improve clearchat output?

After sending TMI the TWITCHCLIENT 2 command, JTV starts sending additional information. The CLEARCHAT message from JTV signifies a user that has been timed out, or that chat has been cleared by a moderator. However, in the case of a user getting timed out, there is no way to know who timed that person out. Such information would be extremely helpful.

Would it be possible to change CLEARCHAT baduser to CLEARCHAT baduser moderator?

It would have to be limited to broadcasters and moderators only. Normal users should not know the name of the moderator issuing the bans due to the possibility of harassment. Also, Iā€™m not entirely sure if that would be the best way to provide such info. Ideally the moderation log that used to be on the dashboard would be updated to provide it.

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Alright that would work too. Any way to see which mod timed out which user would be extremely helpful. Thanks!