Improve Extension configuration page for smaller screens

On 1920x1080px screens, the configuration page looks fine, but on smaller screens, for example on a mac book pro, where to resolution is 1440x900px, around 1/4 of the extension iframe isn’t visible when loading the page.

To give more information, with the address bar, app bar, etc I get a screen height of 736px in the browser, before the iframe, there is 178px of margin/headers. which means around 20% of the iframe isn’t visible when loading the page.

The idea is to group the 2 headers in only one so it could be read more easily and have a better separation between what is from the developer and what is from Twitch and optimize the space at the same time.

Here is an idea for grouping the 2 headers

With this, only 10% of the iframe would be hidden on a Mac book pro screen. I don’t have other computers to test this on.

We could also remove the “created by” on the configuration because on the configuration page we can easily add it somewhere if we want to.

This is a good suggestion! We’ll pass the suggestion on to the right team.

Upping this thread,

Some change were made, without any warning, so it broke my layout, and this time, we end up with a super small configuration page on mac book pro. The height is 500px now, which is way worse than before