In need of help to create a Chrome Extension

I’d like to create/have a Chrome extension for my stream but i know nothing about programming and code in general… Are there any online ressources that i could use to do it by myself if possible ? What i would need it to do would be to :

  • Show when the streamer is Online / Offline with a different icon for each

  • Open the streamer’s stream when clicking on the icon but only if he is Online

  • Being able to setup a certain hour that would display below the extension’s icon to announce when the streamer will be streaming

  • Having a countdown below the extension’s icon that would replace the feature above when the stream is about to go live

  • Having a customizable notification that would show up in the bottom-right corner of the user’s screen when the stream goes live ( clickable / that would bring the user to the stream ) with customizable text

I don’t know if this is all clear or if this was the right place to post this thread but i hope that someone will be able to help me out !

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