In twitch developer page, the igdb data doesn't appear

Hello I wanted to make my game appear on twitch. so I uploaded info to IGDB. But in twitch developer page, the igdb data doesn’t appear. how can I solve the problem? this is my game to appear on twitch…
please help me

If it’s only just been added to IGDB then it won’t be on Twitch yet in order to take ownership.

Thank you for your reply. I made a twitch developer page and wanted to add my game on developer page, so I can show my game on twitch. But I can not search my game. It says If you don’t see the game here, register the game in igdb first. But I aleady registered to IGDB.
I also asked to igdb discord community. and They said it might be because of the erotic theme. So I changed it to a different theme and it still doesn’t show up.

In this case how can I claim ownership?

I’m attaching a screenshot for reference.

this is google translated version of screenshot

I don’t think my game has enough sexual content to be censored on Twitch. this is mature contents description of my game.
-This game has breast physics and the player character wearing a dress that reveals some part of breast and underwear. (But player can’t take off character’s underwear or reveal character’s entire breast.)-
player can not take off any clothing or change clothing.
You can check out the video of my game here briefly.

Thank you

Give it another 48 hours for Twitch to update their Database, then try again. It can take a while to propagate properly.

There are some types of games Twitch filters out from IGDB, such as those with the erotic tag for example, so it’s quite possible your game will never appear on Twitch if it has one of these tags that is filtered out.

Thank you for your answers. It seems that IGDB hasn’t approved my tag change yet. I just hope IGDB to approve it.

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