Inaccurate followers/views values from streams endpoint

I am having a very concerning issue with the streams endpoint. I am getting inaccurate values for the channel followers and views counts. Ive seen in the past the the endpoint will report 0, but there are instances where it is returning a number that is obviously wrong, but not obviously enough that I can weed them out programmatically. Please see On 4/22/15 the API reported Lirik having 160,292 followers and actually losing 34,000,000 views. on 4/23/15 the correct values were reported.

Here is another example:

My records show that in Lirik’s instance the issue occurred during stream_id 14104122224 .

This is EXTREMELY damaging to my application. At this point I’m afraid that the only solution is to scrap all the growth data. The trend has been compromised. Can I please get some clarification on why this is happening?



Edit: looks to be related Twitch API Bugged...? . Sorry I didn’t see it until after I posted

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