Inactive Usernames

I haven’t searched for this because I wasn’t too sure how to phrase this without it being a paragraph, but I was wondering if Twitch ever ‘removes’ inactive accounts. If so, how often does that happen?
Not really a pressing concern but it’s just fairly annoying when you want to make a username change but the few you would like to switch to are already taken by accounts that have zero followers and are only following one to five other accounts. Basically accounts that seem inactive especially when they have a default Twitch profile photo, nothing written for their bio, and have no panels on their channel.

& I apologize if this was put in the wrong category :no_mouth: I wasn’t too sure where to place it…

This is a 3rd party developer forum, general help regarding things like this should go to

To answer your question though, the help site has details on username changes and how inactive usernames get recycled

Just because a user has few followers, or isn’t following many people, or doesn’t have a bio, is not a sign that the user is inactive, there are many Twitch users who use Twitch like that and it’s a perfectly valid way to use the platform. The fact that the account is still around and hasn’t been removed already for inactivity could be a sign that the account is still in use.

@Dist ahh, I appreciate the reply and direction. Thank you!