Inconsistency with the number of users followed by a user


We are making calls to the Get Users Follows endpoint to get the list of users a user follows:


We are using two different User Oauth Token with the same scope (User:email:read) generated by two different applications. We are getting different results for the same user. One token gives us X followed users, and the other token returns Y followed users.

We have reviewed all our processes, and our test environment, and we don’t understand why the information is inconsistent. We are stuck at this point. Could it be an issue in this endpoint or are we missing something?

Any advice is very welcome

Thank you very much.

This is not something I’ve encountered before, and there shouldn’t be anything that causes different OAuth tokens to get different results as it’s public data on that endpoint.

If the difference is just a small number, it could be due to caching. If you want to be certain you could use each OAuth token and page through all of the results to get 2 lists of followers and then compare them to see if some users that are in one are missing from the other, and compare the count of that list of users to the total being given. If there are users missing in one list, you could then use both from_id and to_id to see if they show up when specifically queried.

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