[INFO] Twitch IRC Protocol


I’m a student at University of Messina, and I’ve to make an exam of Calculator’s Network!
Now, I’m working on a project of a bot for TwitchTV, and I have to create documentation for your modified IRC Protocol.

I’m here to ask you if is possible to have all your documentation about your IRC. Like, what Commands you use,
how you reply to Ping, and all this type of things. I already wrote the bot, but would be preferable something more detailed.
Hope you can help me.


https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/IRC.md is a good place to start in terms of IRC documentation.

More detailed/updated documentation will likely be available in the next few months when IRCv3 support is finalized.

Thank you for the reply. I not have few months, we talk like 2-3 week of January I’ll have the exam. Well, thanks anyway for the link, I will read it all :slight_smile: ( I thought that WHO command was deprecated! )

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