Information regarding the "justinfan" and "me" bug?

Every once in a while (With an increasing frequency it seems), a chat username turns into either “me” or “JustinfanXXXXXX”, with “XXXXXX” being a seemingly random number.

When you turn into “me”, a simple refresh reveals that you’ve been logged out.
When you turn into “JustinfanXXXXXX”, a refresh puts you back to who you are supposed to be.

During either of these times, chat messages appear in the chat box, but do not get sent to the server. Is there any more information on this bug? It’s quite annoying.

Justinfan pictures, with and without BTTV. Note that mod buttons are retained, while user colour is not.

When Twitch’s API infrastructure is having issues, this happens. The only thing you can do is refresh the page and hope it loads correctly.

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