Inquiry about Twitch drops malfunction

We are currently running a drops campaign in conjunction with the launch of a new game.
However, due to excessive calls, a failure has occurred and it is impossible to pay drops rewards.
I would like to ask if you could give us some guidance to solve this problem.
And I would also like to inquire if there is a way to increase the quota of drops.

Thank you.

Error Message
[Twitch UpdateDropsEntitlements] Failed - 429 {“error”:“Too Many Requests”,“status”:429,“message”:“You Died (You have made too many requests. Please try again later.)”}

Are you updating multiple entitlements per request? The Update Drops Entitlements endpoint supports updating 100 ids per request, and the Twitch API rate limit is 800 requests per minute, so you could potentially be updating 80,000 entitlements per minute.

Indeed you should be able to make 800 requests/minute for App Access Tokens.
User Access Tokens can also access Update Drops Entitlements, but only for the user authorized in the token. The rate limit for this is 800/requests/minute/user.

As Dist said, consider batching and updating multiple entitlements per request. Alternatively, try using each user’s individual User Access Token they authorized with for these API calls.

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