Inquiry: Twitch Support


Unfortunately, I have not found a suitable thread to my question, please understand.

Have a short request:

I submitted a support request about WM Emotes 3 days ago (tonight it will be 4 days), but have not received a response yet.

How long does the support usually need for a request?

This article (see link:ützt-streamer-und-erhalten--gebenke-indem-ihr-für-eure-fußballmannschaft-cheert-c8ac268cdbea) is in German language as well as the entire page.

So then is the support in German or ask in English the question?

The answer from support comes but via e-mail or via Twitch “whispering message”?

Is there no e-mail address where you can write directly?

Greetings to you. LG Unitforce (Andy)

Thats because this is the third party developers forum not a Twitch Support forum

Assuming you made the request/ticket via Twitch Help Portal last I checked support requests take 5 to 7 business days, you should of got a auto reply to your ticket saying as such.

Use your native language



Then I’ll wait. Will probably take another 1- 2 days.

Thank you, for the effort :wink:.

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