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I developing Web application where I want to use twitch clips to create playlists with clips for selected streamers and many other features with clips. But with current non-interactive iframes and with cross-origin security I can’t handle embedded player events like ‘ended’, I can’t interact with my own events, and I can’t even set the default video quality for opened clips (I need to manually select quality for each new clip that I opened, if I need a lower one). With all these restrictions I can’t implement a lot of features and as result I have low-quality ui\ux application without features I want.

So I have few quastions:
a) Do you have plans to make the embedded clip player interactive at least for default events? Or any other way to make it interactive?
b) According to the developers agreement I must use embedded player for video content. But could I use my own player for clips where I integrate all twitch features for end users ( links to the clip game on twitch, streamer, share buttons etc ) and extend this player with my own features?

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There’s no official way to get the video of a clip (aside from manual download of the content from the clips page if you are the content owner or editor of the channel).

So if you are the content owner, you can do what you want with your content as it’s your content. If you are doing this with other peoples content without permission then you may be in violation of Copyright law.

I’d disagree there as people whom use Twitch expect the Clip Player to have the same UI/UX controls as the clip would of the Twitch website, so you providing a different UI/UX will confuse users if they are more used to one than the other. But thats up to you really.

But I can extract the direct URL of the clip from the twitch player and put it into another player. For example extracted URL from clip Twitch will be
I do not download video, just instead of embedded twitch player I will put dirrect source from twitch on my web site. I don’t know how it is “official” and whether it violates the copyright law because I want to use it for clips where I am not the content owner. But I still use twitch video source just in dirrect way.

I agree. I just mean I can’t implement features I want with current non-interactive player in easy way. For example, I want something like a playlist with clips. But without ‘ended’ event I can’t implement auto switching to the next clip in the playlist. The user must manually select this clip. That’s why all of these things cause low-quality ui\ux.

So what you think about my last reply? Could I use direct source of clips ? Is it allowed?

Is the only answer I am qualified to give.

But do what you want with content you own/have the rights to.

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