[Interactive Player Embed] Lack of Behavior for Non-Existent Channel

I’m currently running into a bit of undefined behavior as far as events triggering goes.

When setChannel() is called from an existing channel (i.e. lirik) to a non-existent one (i.e. asdf), no events are fired (ended, offline, etc.), and the player continues to play the previously existent channel.So from Javascript, you have no way of knowing that you’ve set the player to a channel that doesn’t exist (unless you utilize the real API, of course).

I would expect for either ended or offline to be fired (as it does when switching between online/offline channels), an error event to be emitted, or for setChannel() to return a success boolean.

It is worth noting that I do see a plethora of HTTP 422 responses, so the player knows it doesn’t exist.

Is this a missing feature, or am I just missing something?


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