Internal error while creating stream marker via API

So i tried to make a request using API to create a marker. It used to work on January 30 but now i always getting error 500 Internal server error. I just creating a simple tool for myself(at least for now) to create markers using obs extensions. But every request i specify throws a internal server error. I specify bearer token with user:edit:broadcast and all required json in body, but nothing works neither in my code, neither in any REST application i tested. Internal error everytime on posting this request.

Is the stream you are attempted to create a marker for actually live?

Yes and no. I tested both scenarios.
When it was online i tried in a dashboard and it told that unknown error, markers also says unknown error as well as my attempt to use api and nightbot’s.
Previously i tested it also when stream is offline, but then it gave me an error 404 with message that broadcast must be online, as well as other methods told me that broadcast must be online.
But now it sends me error 500 with no message instead.

When you are creating a marker:

Are you using a description, no description, or a description that is too long (it’s capped to 140 characters)

And/or whats your actual request?

I usually use empty description. I using app tool to check request before implementing it in code but it shows same error. My request is:
Post method
Content-Type: Application/json
Authorization: Bearer *******************

Not sure exact method to show you request properly so i just sticked info i using in app to make post request. But the thing is that i don’t think i doing something wrong since i can’t create markers using even native methods, like through dashboard or chat command as well…

I will correct my reply. In chat command ‘/marker’ tells me when I’m trying to create marker that I need to be online, but when I am it says unexpected error. API tells returns me error code 500 in any scenario

Same here looks like marker creating is broken

Flagged it to TwitchSupport on twitter

Successfully added a stream marker at 0:38:22: “test”

Seems to be working today!


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