Intigration In Ios (Login with Twitch)

Hi ! I am new to this forum. Sorry if I have posted it to Wrong Section. I am trying to Load URL to open in Webview As described in Documentation but I am not Able to open Login Page in Webview . Here is my URL Format. id_token&scope=openid&force_verify=true.

Is it True ? Some one please help me regarding this issue .

Why aren’t you able to open it? Do you get an error? I need more information. Integration in iOS should work without issue.

Hi @demo_narolainfotech

Have you registered your application on twitch? You will need to do this in order to get an client-ID.

I did the following a while back when developing a app for twitch:

  • When loading the authorization page you need to send the user to something like the following url:

  • The above will load the login page, once the user signs in they will be redirected to the redirect_uri that you passed in your request.

  • You should then get an error back, or a valid response with access_token in the url. You can then use this within the application for the current user.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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