Introducing a new docs experience

We’ve refreshed the developer documentation and API reference experience to help you find the guides and materials needed to rapidly deliver apps to your users and the Twitch community. Check out the documentation for yourself at and read our blog post announcement for more information.

Here are a few highlights in the release:

  1. Search: Yes! You can search across all of our documentation, and we’ll match by title, content, or API references.
  2. Sticky navigation: As you browse content, you’ll know exactly where you are in the document with a helpful indicator. Having the navigation accessible at all times should make it easier to hop back and forth, and get what you need.
  3. Three-column reference browsing: We’ve pulled out sample request and and response returns for every API method (including V5), making it easy to try our capabilities as you build iteratively for your users. Here’s an example which documents the method to GET users.
  4. Mobile-friendly: Open docs on an iPad, phone, or other device in case you need a quick reference in a smaller viewport.

We’d be happy to hear your initial feedback on this topic, via mentioning @TwitchDev on Twitter, or chatting with us in the TwitchDev chat server.