Introducing a new Extension Management Experience

Greetings developers!

We’re rolling out a new management console for accessing Twitch Extensions today! :partying_face:

What’s new?

  • Lower latency : Get back to your development with low wait times on page loads.
  • Version cloning : Clone any previous version of your Extensions with one click, allowing you to rapidly create development branches that you can test simultaneously before selecting a release candidate.
  • Add whitelist users by Twitch username : When testing your Extension, you can search for whitelist users by Twitch username, making it easy to collaborate with others as you take your Extension to market.
  • Easy secret management : Find Twitch API and Extension credentials in one place, so it is easy to get every critical variable you need to continue development.
  • UX improvements : Our refreshed design organizes information closer to how Extensions operate on Twitch and how information is reflected in the Extensions Directory. We’ve also provided in-context guidance so you know what to do next during any extension state.

We’ve also improve the top level page to provide you a better at-a-glance view of the resources you manage on Twitch. If you are a game developer, you can register your game to get access to manage game box art, view Twitch insights or create Drops campaigns. See this document for more information.

Amazing! How do I get started?

Just login to your Developer Console via

(Note the slight change in URL, where all products will be available via the /console root, vs. /dashboard. Also, for keen eyed developers, URLs will no longer exist moving forward.)

Known Issues

  • String Localization: We’re localizing the Developer Console in 27 different languages. Some strings may fall back to English as we continue this effort.
  • Approval Emails: You may receive more than one email when approved for release. We don’t mean to spam! This will be fixed soon after launch.
  • Extension name may include a random number: The name of your extension reflects the name of the API Client behind the scenes, which we add a random string to ensure uniqueness. You can change the API Client name under the new “Authorization Settings” screen on the console.
  • Extension deletion can only occur after creating a version: If you create an extension without creating a version, and then attempt to delete it, you will not be able to delete the extension.
  • Creating/Cloning new versions will not transfer image or file assets: We will only transfer the fields like name, summary etc. We are working to support image transfer.

If you have feedback or find any bugs, please reply back to this thread, reach out to us on Discord, or follow us on Twitter.

Happy building!


Very well done, it looks amazing, cheers to the team! One issue that I found is that the extension I submitted for the challenge went from “Under Review” to “Local Testing”. Is that expected and will it affect scoring, do I need to re submit it for review? Also might be a good idea to display screenshots (Version Details tab) horizontally to save some vertical scrolling.

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Hello, You should have received an email from our team regarding your extension being sent back into testing and you still qualify for the challenge. The only thing we still need from you is to resubmit your extension for review.

Thank you for the info but I didn’t receive email that notified me for the change in status otherwise I wouldn’t mention it. My guess is that the status changed because of the migration to the new dev console/dashboard.

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Was trying to upload extension files, always get “File upload failed. Please ensure the file is a .zip format only.” on assets I successfully deployed before.

gangtaru :

Hello everyone, wanted to give an update on the zip uploads. A small set of users may experience upload failures still. We are working to solve the problem ASAP. If you do have an issue, please first try to refresh the page and try again. If that fails, you can also try a different zip method — using the native capability bundled on Mac and Windows. As a reminder, the max file size is 100MB. Thanks everyone for your patience and feedback! I will update this channel again when the issue has been resolved.

Hope it helps:
While native windows method didn’t work, I did an attempt zipping in with WinRar, and it worked.

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Not sure if it’s because of the update, but I am no longer able to see the content of an extension I’m running in the rig on Twitch itself but I can see it if I view it through the rig URL itself.

Check the chrome inspector for issues.

It is 99% not related to the changes, but you may want to hit the refresh project button. And also check the inspector

Some links in the Developer Rig that lead to Twitch’s developer site are now incorrect. The next Beta version of the Developer Rig, 0.9.9, slated for release by Monday, will have updated links.

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I’ve tried to set the extension capabilities.
I clicked save.
It pops up a message saying it wasn’t saved:

Hey @Idan_Maimon — thanks for sending this over. Could you ping me on Discord as a PM here — your extension ID and user ID.

Be sure to try also refreshing cache as well.