Introducing Clips

Yesterday, we began our rollout of Clips, which allows you to capture and easily share 30-second clips from current live streams. Clips let you quickly share the most uniquely Twitch moments while enabling streamers to grow their channels through social sharing. We’ve started with a small number of viewers on partnered channels and will ultimately expand to all viewers on all channels.

We plan to build out lots of new features, broadcaster tools, and ways to discover Clips. As a result, you can expect us to continue to iterate on the features and capabilities. We’re interested in your feedback on what you’d like to see as a developer. Feel free to post that feedback here!


Sounds like an amazing feature but the question is, can we retrieve this by api maybe combined with selflink to the videofile not the player url? :smile:

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I’d love to be able to create clips through the API. Some things off the top of my head:

  • Automatic clip creation at special moments when the chat goes wild, or through other means of detecting “moments.”
  • Hotkey’d clip creation (for the broadcaster.)
  • Editor “stamped” clips, that can be aggregated automatically into a list, for later editing.

Also would love an API resource that lists any and all clips that are created on a channel, which can be used for:

  • Seeing what people want to make clips of. High clip count at a certain time? Why not investigate that time frame and see if a very special moment happened there.

Of course that resource does not necessarily have to go all the way back in time, if that’s a restraint. Like 48 hours, or X items tops.


Until/if there is access to this feature through the native API, is it possible to understand how the clip creation links are created? E.g.

Is it possible to generate a valid ‘segment-index’ with data available through the current APIs?

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The clip will very much wanting streamer after having their best times worse to make a video! Thank You Twitch!

It would be nice to have Api end points so we can give the streamer the ability to take clips from inside the game, if they are excited about a highlight.

Right now this is awesome, but definitely viewer oriented. It would be great to enable the broadcaster to take clips, to prevent them from having to go back through a vod and do edits.

Additionally, it would be nice for the broadcaster to have a way to browse all the active clip links that others have made for their stream so they could share those clips.


I agree on all points, most of Streamers, creates a “hashtag” on Twitter" to their viewers can put the links to their videos and thus make it easier to find them to be doing a video or project staff. I also like that the Streamer can buy him, take a clip if it my 'will know that a good time to look at! Twitch but will he have the software for this as directly on the site, it would surprise me that can activate a key of our keyboard from a game from the site Twitch.

Hopefully the developers will listen Twitch on very relevant points that you have raised!

Alexis Bousquet

@DallasNChains Is there a way to create an embeded play link for a Clip, currently?

@corylulu: Do you mean for embedding on a website?

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Ability to generate a clip at a specific point in the stream. Ability to pull the link of that clip from the twitch API.

@DallasNChains Yes, I was going to add it to RES’s expando’s, but no way to create an embedded player yet from what I can find without actually loading the whole page and ripping it out.

Sorry for the long wait! There is no supported way to embed at this time.

@DallasNChains Is there a current way to fetch the created timestamp of a clip via an API call?

Unfortunately not, @caleywoods. There are no APIs for Clips. I just met with that team and gave them the feedback from this thread though. I’ll keep you posted! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. The only option I see currently is to scrape the HTML for the vod_offset to compare whether or not two clips were created within N seconds of one another.

I agree with all points made. Especially being able to pull all clips for a giving channel. I was hoping going to would at least provide a list of some sort to pull from but I was wrong :frowning:

Hey, everybody (especially @corylulu)!

We now support embedding Clips! You can find documentation on GitHub. Let me know if you have any questions!



Thank you very much, i came for exactly for this !

This will help to grow games communities !

Any way to retrieve the clip’s thumbnail direct url ?


I was wondering whether there would be a way to get the title, the description, the game being played, and the individual who clipped the video through the API some day?

Thank you!

We don’t generally discuss future plans for our API. I’ll keep this forum updated as we add new features. :slight_smile: