Introducing the Stream Markers API

We recently launched a Stream Markers API to allow you to integrate Stream Markers into your products. This is one of the most requested features by streamers for editing their streams. In the past, streamers relied on manually writing down timestamps while streaming or working with an editor to remember key moments in the stream to edit into a VOD latr. Stream Markers allows creators and their editors to quickly create timestamp markers while the creator is live. They can revisit these markers in the Highlighter later for easier editing.

The Stream Markers API allows third party application developers to integrate Stream Markers natively into their apps. Here’s how:

Creating markers

A third party application developer can send a request to a Stream Marker POST endpoint to create a marker for a channel. This API requires user authentication, only the creator or an editor of a channel can create markers for the channel.

Fetching markers

A third party application developer can retrieve all the stream markers created by a user for a live stream or a past broadcast through a GET endpoint.

For creators

To create markers, a creator needs to have past broadcast storage turned on and the creator needs to be live. This can be done in the Channel Settings page.

Once a creator has past broadcast storage turned on and they have created markers, they can visit them in the Highlighter. To visit the Highlighter, go to the Video Producer and click the “Highlight” button for a past broadcast.

To get started

Check out the documentation for the new Create Stream Markers API

Check out the documentation for the new GET Stream Markers API

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the API developer forum!


Great feature! Thanks for releasing this. I can see many ways where developers can utilize the API to create interesting features for the streamers.

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