Introducing the Twitch developer rig to help you get started with Extensions

The developer rig is a web app that will enable you to test an extension locally against production APIs across a variety of views and roles (e.g. the broadcaster live view). It also lets you quickly get started with Extensions by pulling down the new “Hello World” sample code, including a basic backend scaffold, and iterate on your extension so that you can completely focus on building a great experience for creators and viewers. You can also add additional views and customize the resolution to fit your development needs.

For more information, please see our blog post announcement.


Woop woop! Now I just need to get my frontend far enough to actually test it in the Developer Rig!

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works perfectly with linux, great tool, I did not get it right, in the future it would be possible to simulate the viewers?, thank you.

We’re looking to add in the future the ability to script the input of multiple users - basically how do you test if Lirik installs your extension on his channel. Is this what you had in mind?


Let’s make siege for the extensions developer!

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Yes, to simulate behaviors and user interaction, I’m really enjoying the tool, the possibilities are great