Invalid ban data in PubSub


Since the release of the new Twitch version and of the new chat, the PubSub topic chat_moderator_actions.userId.channelId tends to send invalid data when timing users out, as it is reported as a ban. This seems to happen when moderators issue a timeout from the new chat only, legacy chat always sends proper values.

Example value when timing out an user from the legacy chat (correct):

Example value when timing out an user from the new chat (reported as ban):

On both cases a CLEARCHAT is issued on IRC with the correct time, but it is hard to connect these CLEARCHAT events and the PubSub events, as CLEARCHAT does not contain the name or ID of the moderator. As this PubSub topic is not directly documented, is this a bug that may get fixed, or is there a better way to handle timeouts and bans? This PubSub topic has been very practical in the past.

Thank you


I am running to this issue as well. Also, recently, the args for timeouts have not included the duration. For example:

PubSub data for /timeout abc 123 Test


Can confirm seeing similar here.

Timeout times are missing


Same here. Already wondered if I missed any changes.

No time send via args on timeouts.


I was going to make a topic about the timeout length, but looks like you guys already have that problem too.

I’m getting “” where the “timeout length” would be.

Does anyone have any news about this problem?


'tis fixed.


Same problem here

Can a dev give a response to this

Looks fine from here.

{“data”:“{"data":{"type":"chat_login_moderation","moderation_action":"timeout","args":["SOMEGUY","1","Caps Spam"],"created_by":"cohhilitionbot","created_by_user_id":"45522171","msg_id":"","target_user_id":"SOMEID"}}”,“time”:1519997440387}

I think the two previous messages were stuck in moderation for a while and eventually got posted. It seems like everything is fixed now.

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