Invalid Install Location for Minecraft

Hey folks,

I was recently trying to install the twitch desktop app on my computer to play modded Minecraft. As usual, I log in and try to install Minecraft from twitch. I have the original (non windows 10) Minecraft already installed. However, when I tried to install it, it states:

“Invalid install location: “C:\Users\bryan_000\Documents\Curse\Minecraft”. One or more of the folders in the path contains a special, non-alphanumeric character. Please select “advanced Setup” and select another folder location to complete your installation.”

I tried installing the Twitch app to a separate folder to see if that would resolve the issue, but it failed and continued the problem. I also tried to simply select the other folder for installing minecraft, that failed to resolved the issue as well.
Please help me to solve this problem, I would really like to continue using the app instead of making mod packs manually again…


This is the third party developer forum.

We cannot help you, please try for help with TwitchApp

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