Ip Range for twitch api


I’m trying to whitelist the twich api on my testing environments so that I can consume an webhook exposed by Twitch.
Can someone please share with me the list of ip ranges that twich api is using ?

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Twitch uses AWS.

Which means at any given point it can and will change, as and when more server spin up/down.

I don’t think it’s a static pool, but I’ll poke someone relevant…

That said, it’s the purpose of the secret rather than known IP’s to secure the webhook

We don’t, and we’d prefer people use another method like the signature verification using the secret as given by the websub spec

Use the secret for verification, not IP Ranges is the official answer from upstairs

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I can understand his need for the IP range at some point but in general you are right.
Some companies may only accept connections from a previously whitelisted IP or IP range or otherwise their firewall servers would block it.

But yeah secrets are the way to go it somehow possible

Thanks for your help & answer !

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