IRC @badge-info, How to get emotes data?

@badge-info=subscriber/1;badges=broadcaster/1,subscriber/0;client-nonce=9a0edc19aace6448ec3a5deb3b48669f;color=#9ACD32;display-name=jdredd3800;emote-only=1;emotes=304420773:0-10;first-msg=0;flags=;id=9fc981f0-cf1c-4452-aa9c-d40fe52f0713;mod=0;returning-chatter=0;room-id=225160664;subscriber=1;tmi-sent-ts=1669661384538;turbo=0;user-id=225160664;user-type= :jdredd3800! PRIVMSG #jdredd3800 :HypeFighter

Example IRC message

In the message I pull out this


This is for emote “HypeFighter”

I know I can just “map” this emote id to A hard coded URL

But I’d like to pull down the entire record for this emote or related emote set it is in?

This is so I can get the id, image urls, scale, thememode, ect ect about it if possible?

If I could find broadcaster or emote set? i could then grab emotes by either of those?

TLDR: no

Theres no API for “I have this emote code/word give me the data for this emote”

Hmmm that isn’t A good design.

So basically I just have to try and download every variant I can and build my own list of existing URL’s to represent the emote in 1x, 2x, 4x, animated, light or dark …

Will be a bit of a pain… as will slow down things to attempt to figure that out.

Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something in the documentation before going down this path.

default will draw the emote as animated or static depending on which kind it is

Currently there is no actual light/dark variance I know of between any emotes

Whats your use case for this?
Why do you need this information.

The URL to an emote is templated you just would always use default

The format of the image to get. For example, a static PNG or animated GIF. Use default if you want the server to return an animated GIF if it exists, otherwise, a static PNG.

I think your reply made me realize that yet again, really really over thinking things here.

If I see an emote value just reference like this

Let “default” do its deal to show which is the default view of the emote and move on.

My case was missing out if emote was animated or not.

I am building my emote list for selecting your emotes from my own chat program which “was” able to break them apart of animated vs non animated. But thinking more this is just silly.

Just show them by their default in my lists, and move on with life.

Sounds like the best plan. :smiley:

“KISS” is usually the way to go… I tend to over think stuff and complicate it more than it needs to be.

Need people like you to bring me back to earth.

All good that is what we are for after all!

Thanks for the help.

Got this working, at least at the minimalist way of things.

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