doesnt work but does

As title says. anyone else having this problem? The TCP Connection connects, but I am not getting the 001-004 replies.

I can get those replies fine from, have you tried that?

6667 is a tcp connection (IRC style connection)
80 (non ssl) / 443 (ssl) are websocket ports (IE: javascript connections)

Which port you use depends on how you connect / consume.

That’s not true anymore, since the switch to AWS you get raw IRC via (or and IRC over Websocket via The ports don’t matter for that distinction anymore.

On the original topic: I can connect to using raw IRC (no Websockets) just fine, on all 4 ports: 80, 6667, 443 (SSL), 6697 (SSL)

Both and resolve to the same IPs, so there shouldn’t be much difference. It’s possible that the IPs are in a different order so that you get a different IP if you just request one from your environment and that that specific server has issues. I’ve also heard of an issue with the certificate when connecting to via SSL.

Either way, if these issues persist it would be useful to know which IP exactly you are trying to connect to, so others can test if they are running into the same problem.

Hi, 6667 should work for IRC. Can you please post raw connection logs, both incoming and outgoing?

Is it possible that a firewall is blocking your data? Some will block 6667, but not 80 (which is why we use 80 on our website)

this was it exactly, was testing some stuff at work (dont tell my boss im making twitch chat clients). also how do i close this topic to hide my shame.

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