IRC Connection closed due bad handshake decode (?

Good afternoon everyone,

I’ve posted this on StackOverflow, but I didn’t get any answer, but with some previous researches, I thought here I could get any information. I was wondering if there are incompatible TLS or SSL protocols incompatible with the Twitch IRC service. The most part of posts I saw with something similar as my issue, users said that protocol incompatibility could be the problem causing the IRC Bot to close against this services, but time before I didn’t have any issue of this kind, so I don’t know if it’s due my fault.

I can give more information, but if it’s possible, I’ld like to have an answer to the first question. If that’s not the issue, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s due my fault. The error is caused randomly, but frequently, after sending a command:

[16:19:37 WARN]:        Suppressed: Connection reset by peer: socket write error
[16:19:37 WARN]:                at Method)
[16:19:37 WARN]:                at Source)
[16:19:37 WARN]:                at Source)
[16:19:37 WARN]:                at Source)
[16:19:37 WARN]:                ... 41 more

Sometimes it takes like 2 tries, or 4, or 5, or who knows, recreating the Socket and connecting again, to connect successfully, but this issue is giving me some problems, as it’s affecting to some of the sent commands, so sometimes it doesn’t connects completely as there’s any command lost on the process. This issue closes the Socket, cause this I have to recreate the Socket all the time to reconnect.

Thank you in advance.

Looks like a SSL problem

it’s a toss up on if your local Cert bundle is up to date

And/or if the server clock is correct.

But it’s probably not a Twitch problem but a problem in your java install or server configuration.

I can’t think of anything obvious but I don’t poke around too much in Java

No worries, anyway every answer is really helpful meanwhile someone knows possible cases and causes. I’ll try to make some research on the Java API if that to check something about possible issues with SSL certs if that, and check if it can be resolved without destroying all my entire project. Tysm. I’ll keep it updated in case I have more information or after some researches there’s any possible more issue that I can’t resolve myself

Just in case, I’m still trying to get some results. The last result I got, was happening the same on another machine, but I’m still trying to fix some things and make some testings on other machines.

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