IRC dont receive their own message (or from bot/non human)

-After the problem, i’m learning about programming yet, so i’m probably doing something weird-

I’m making a IRC who can receive and send messages and act upon that. (Example, i’m using Streamlabs, and if Streamlabs warn on chat about a new follower, the irc will read that on chat and will act according to this message).

I’m using Unity to do it and i’m already receiving and sending messages, but i notice that my irc cannot “see” messages sent from itself or Streamlabs, someone know why?

My IRC will send message to chat so i can control streamlabs using my voice (the voice recognition is already working, and i will test later with chat commands when i solve the problem above).

If theres no way to make my irc read this messages, what other way can I use to receive information that I have a new follower or subscriber?

I can post the code if someone need it to help me.

Thank you for reading.

A single IRC connection will not see messages echoed back sent from itself. You could open two separate IRC connection/clients and send messsges from one while reading from the other.

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Right, that’s solve one of the problems, but my IRC is not receiving the Streamlabs chat message too, and we can consider as the “other IRC” in this context, that’s the point is making me kind of confuse…

What do you mean by “Streamlabs chat message”?

(sorry if i wrote something wrong, english is not my main language)

I’m using and my IRC on my account , streamlabs)warn via twitch chat about followers/subs, but the message doesnt shows up when i try to receive with IRC (i already try to receive all messages without filter, just to make sure, but even that way he doesn’t shows up).

I dont know if this is related to that, but on the software from streamlabs, everytime a message was sended for a IRC, he shows 2 moderator icons (one with the “mod” label and other with the “moderator” label).

are you somehow ignoring messages from other bots?

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There isn’t a follower message sent via IRC, we have to watch the Twitch Follower Endpoint (v5) or use the PubSub (Helix). Subs do come across in IRC, but you have to ensure that you have enabled the features that Twitch lays out in documentation:

Then read here:

no, i’m just reading without any kind of filter.:

if (TwitchClient.Available > 0) {
var message = Reader.ReadLine ();
print (message);
everything is working fine and i am receiving the PRIVMSG from chat, but the messages from other bots (like the Streamlabs that i’m using) shows up on chat but don’t show on my IRC

About he dont sent a follower message via IRC, I’m aware of this, the follower message i’m talk about is one sended by other bot as i mention, and that message is showing on chat, but not on my IRC.

Thank you for the extra information, i will try to make it with this codes and i talk about the result after some tests.

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Maybe you think the bot is sending a message but isn’t, not entirely sure. What message are you seeing in chat that you are trying to intercept, that may help.


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