IRC JOIN command. Bug

The JOIN command does not allow entering the room until the bot sends the first message

Error call log:

[21:03:23 INF] > PASS < My OAuth >
[21:03:23 INF] > NICK plotoiadnuibot
[21:03:23 INF] > CAP REQ
[21:03:23 INF] > CAP REQ
[21:03:23 INF] > CAP REQ
[21:03:23 INF] JOIN #dudelka_krasnaya
[21:03:23 INF] > PRIVMSG #dudelka_krasnaya :Join room
[21:03:23 INF] Bot status: ONLINE
[21:03:24 INF] < 001 plotoiadnuibot :Welcome, GLHF!
[21:03:24 INF] < 002 plotoiadnuibot :Your host is
[21:03:24 INF] < 003 plotoiadnuibot :This server is rather new
[21:03:24 INF] < 004 plotoiadnuibot :-
[21:03:24 INF] < 375 plotoiadnuibot :-
[21:03:24 INF] < 372 plotoiadnuibot :You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.
[21:03:24 INF] < 376 plotoiadnuibot :>
[21:03:24 INF] < CAP * ACK
[21:03:24 INF] < CAP * ACK
[21:03:24 INF] < CAP * ACK
[21:03:24 INF] < :plotoiadnuibot! JOIN #dudelka_krasnaya
[21:03:24 INF] < 353 plotoiadnuibot = #dudelka_krasnaya :plotoiadnuibot
[21:03:24 INF] < 366 plotoiadnuibot #dudelka_krasnaya :End of /NAMES list
[21:03:24 INF] < @badges=;color=;display-name=plotoiadnuibot;emote-sets=0;mod=0;subscriber=0;user-type= USERSTATE #dudelka_krasnaya
[21:03:24 INF] < @broadcaster-lang=;emote-only=0;followers-only=-1;r9k=0;rituals=0;room-id=113282518;slow=0;subs-only=0 ROOMSTATE #dudelka_krasnaya
[21:03:24 INF] < @badges=;color=;display-name=plotoiadnuibot;emote-sets=0;mod=0;subscriber=0;user-type= USERSTATE #dudelka_krasnaya

At this point, the bot is waiting for messages from the channel, but they do not arrive until the first message is sent to the channel.

If this is a bug, fix it please.

P.S Also it is possible because of this bug many now have a problem when he does not see the messages from the chat when the page is reloaded

Seems to be working fine for me and many other bot owners so likely a bug in your code. Please post if you would like feedback.

No, the order of messages is fully consistent with the log. Also, my client is waiting for messages. If the bot next writes a message to the chat, it starts receiving messages from channel.

I haven’t doubt that if you are currently watching streams, you often see a situation where messages from the chat start to appear either after a while, or until you repeatedly reload the page

UPD: Just now, I specifically added a delay after sending messages on authorization. The result is the same

No faults reported with any of my bots across multiple programming languages and servers.

Looks like you have a problem in your “reader” and it’s not returning a line to your processor on \r\n or something weird.

Personally I don’t issue a JOIN till after the 376

You turned out to be right, I forgot to call the flash to send messages from the buffer through the stream, just in the JOIN, thanks.

But by the way at the expense of the problem with loading the chat now. Is it real, do you do some work on the solution?

No idea I’m not Twitch staff.

I also cannot replicate what you describe

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