IRC latency when PINGing too frequently

Hi there,

I am working on a bot since a certain time, and I actually handle the case of message not being terminated when sent as ‘data’ chunk by chunk.

The thing is, i have a guard, checking each 4 minutes if the client havent got any ping from twitch, which is supposed to ping us every 5-ish minutes. As expected, 4 minutes after last ping, my program pings the server, and twitch seems to not answer me; around 10 seconds later, i get a VERY BIG quantity of data, which was meant to be sent one by one as regular;

Is the action to ping too early the tmi server causing the 10 seconds delay before twitch sends me data again?
I, for now, have set the pong request for a check every 5.5 minutes, in case it was the reason.

Could I get a reason why the tmi server would delay the data transfer towards my client?


I haven’t noticed such behavior myself, also pinging the server frequently. I’ll double check my logs though.

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